Choose the right plan for you. We offer pay per bingo, monthly or annual subscription.

Pay per bingo


  • Generate up to 1,000 bingo cards with full customization.
  • Edit and generate the cards as many times until it fits the style you are going for.
  • Pay per set of Bingo cards - ideal for infrequent bingos.

Perfect for: Occasional players, spontaneous game nights, budget-conscious dabbers.

Monthly Subscription


  • All perks of Pay Per Bingo.
  • Generate unlimited bingo cards throughout the month.
  • Use AI to generate words based on a theme.
  • Priority customer support for a seamless experience.

Perfect for: Regular players, weekly game nights, bingo clubs or teams.

Annual Subscription


  • All perks of Monthly Subscription.
  • Discounted price compared to monthly billing.
  • Access to new features first.

Perfect for: Bingo addicts, professional event planners, large organizations.